Merci (29) - Only SMS: +36 30 886 1604

Merci escort Merci escort Merci escort Merci escort Merci escort Merci escort Merci escort
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Breast: 88
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Brown
  • Languages: English, Hungarian
  • Smoking: No

Greetings, I am Merci, a Budapest escort lady who is not just an ordinary woman. I am 29 years old, 168 cm tall, and weigh 55 kg. I proudly wear my 88 cm bust, and my green eyes shine when my brown hair frames my face. I am of Hungarian nationality, and I speak English and Hungarian perfectly. I do not smoke, and I put a great emphasis on a healthy lifestyle.
I have traveled all over the world and I really love gastronomic pleasures. Reading is my passion, which helps me understand the world and get to know different cultures. I always dress elegantly and tastefully, which reflects the respect for the world around me and my attitude towards myself. I pay a lot of attention to the care and maintenance of my body. I believe that the body is the mirror of the soul, and if the body is healthy, then so is the soul. That's why I regularly go to train, and I pay attention to a healthy diet. In the escort service, I see not only my work but also the opportunity to share my passion for the world and joy of life with others.
I am always attentive and patient, and I put a great emphasis on discretion and professionalism. And yes, I am an artist of massage types as well. I like to apply them to my guests at the end of a long and difficult day to relax them and refill them with new energy. Budapest, where I live and work, is a wonderful city full of life and culture. The beauty and vibrant life of the city inspire me and add the necessary color and life to my work. Walking in the city, resting in cafes, wandering in museums and galleries all contribute to a better understanding of the world and the people I meet.
Budapest combines many different cultures and lifestyles, which allows me to gain a wide range of experiences and get to know the thinking of different people. This diversity and openness help me better understand my guests and their needs. I look forward to our meeting to share the wonders of the world with you and enjoy the joys of life together. Whether it's a pleasant walk along the Danube, an exciting dinner in a downtown restaurant, or a relaxing massage at the end of the day, I am sure that I can provide valuable and memorable experiences for you.
If you are interested in my company, please contact me in the form of an SMS or email. This is a discreet and comfortable form of contact for both of us. I can't wait to meet you! Kind regards: Merci